Your child is unique. Developing their success and happiness is at the heart of Northampton International Academy’s purpose, so we are delighted to have this opportunity to explain our mission to you.

We know that you will want your child to learn at an academy that is passionate about great leadership and teaching, and that demonstrates integrity of purpose through high aspirations for your child. NIA will be just that. It will be an outstanding and high performing international academy offering a strong academic curriculum, specialising in modern and foreign languages.

Your child’s happiness and wellbeing will be enhanced through the high quality of personal care and guidance we provide and the support of their tutor and house manager. Their potential will be unlocked through the wide range of curricular and extracurricular activities that they will access within NIA’s state of the art 21st century facilities available 8am to 6pm. You want to receive timely and regular updates on your child’s progress, wellbeing and achievements at our academy, and you will receive these every half term.

You want your child to be enabled to become the best that they can be, and so do we. We will nurture their individuality, stimulate their minds, widen their horizons and understanding of the world in which they live, and inspire their ambition in our leading edge facilities and first-rate learning environment.

EMLC Academy Trust, with its proven track record of academic success, is proud to sponsor Northampton International Academy and it will become a vital part of the network of successful academies in the Northampton area. We are committed to high aspirations and excellence and will build on our existing powerful links with parents at our local primary academies, the town centre communities and local businesses, to develop the new academy’s role as a welcoming place for all learners, children and adults alike.

We think Northampton International Academy is unique in Northampton, just like your child. We hope you want to be part of our future success. We certainly want to be part of yours, and look forward to welcoming you.

Andy Hardy, Executive Principal, Northampton International Academy

Jan Marshall, Chief Executive, EMLC Academy Trust