7th February 2017

Dear Parents,

As it is Safer Internet Day (SID2017) today, we wanted to share some guidance with you to help keep your families safe. Our IT Specialist Support team have collated the following information for you that you will hopefully find useful.

We are also sharing the dangers of the internet with all of our students this week, and our local Police Officers spoke about internet safety in an assembly last Friday.

Please use the relevant links to help you and your families stay protected.

Yours sincerely

Ms Sonia Turner
Senior Assistant Principal

E-safety – A Parent’s Guide
The internet is amazing. Children can play, learn, create and connect – opening up a whole world of exciting possibilities. But how do you keep track of what they’re doing and make sure they’re staying safe?
Whether you’re an online expert or you’re not sure where to start we’ve got 4 key tips help you:
• explore the online world together
• talk to your child about staying safe online
• manage the software and tools your family use
• agree rules about what’s ok and what’s not
Parental controls
Innocent searches online can lead to not so innocent results. But parental controls can help keep your child safe.
Parental controls are an important way to keep your child safe online.
Parental controls can be used to block upsetting or harmful content, control in-app purchases or manage how long your child spends online. And the good news is parental controls are really easy to set up.
Innocent searches sometimes reveal not so innocent results. So if you’re worried about what your child is searching for online, who they’re talking to or what they’re seeing, we can help.
It’s simple to get started. And, along with talking to your child regularly, using parental controls is one of the best ways to help keep children safe online.
What are parental controls?
Parental controls are software and tools which you can install on phones or tablets, games consoles or laptops – and even your home broadband.
You can also use them to help you block or filter the content your child sees when searching online. And family-friendly public WiFi can help when you’re out and about.
Parental controls are also available to help you to:
• plan what time of day your child can go online and how long for
• stop them from downloading apps they’re too young for
• manage the content different members of the family can see.
So whatever your child is doing online, there’s a way that you can help keep them safe.

Mobiles and Tablets
Lots of mobiles and tablets come with settings that can help you manage what your child can and can’t see or do online.
When using parental controls, make sure to check things like location settings and what information your child is sharing with others.