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1. Strong moral purpose – providing an outstanding education for all

Children and young people – and our ambitions for them – will always be at the heart of our thinking and at the forefront of our actions.

2. High expectations – for, and by, all pupils, staff and members of the community

We will expect all our pupils to work hard, make good or outstanding progress and achieve. These expectations will shine through day-to-day school practice. We will also expect all pupils, their families and members of the community to have similar expectations and, importantly, we will expect families and the community to have high expectations of its school.

3. Excellence – achieving high standards of behaviour, learning and attainment

We will demand excellent standards from teachers, staff and pupils in all aspects of our work and will put systems and processes in place to ensure these standards are met. Increased rigour and accountability will heighten the challenge of achieving academic success – we will offer pupils a balance between engagement, stretch and support.

4. Open access – providing opportunities for all, irrespective of their personal characteristics

There will be no curriculum barriers – all pupils will have access to all opportunities and, where there is choice, they can select appropriately, and with guidance, according to their ambitions, abilities and needs.

5. Inclusivity – promoting tolerance, respect and acceptance of differences

Through our curriculum and our behaviours, we will create a tolerant, inclusive ethos in which there is a respect and acceptance of differences and where, through discussion, these differences will be better understood.

6. Cohesion – achieving peaceful and vibrant communities

Through our curriculum, leadership and staff behaviours we will model and promote British values in order to create and sustain peaceful and vibrant communities of learning.

7. Self-discipline – demonstrating responsibility, trust and co-operation

With strong school systems, clear boundaries, rules and appropriate sanctions, we will expect all our pupils to manage their own behaviour, take responsibility for their actions and to work co-operatively with others within an environment of openness and trust.

8. Cultural curiosity – showing openness to innovative approaches, different cultures and new experiences

The curriculum will draw on opportunities arising within NIA’s learning campus to offer a broad range of local, national and international experiences which develop intellectual and cultural curiosity and a spirit of adventure so pupils raise their ambitions and extend their existing horizons

9. Enjoyment – celebrating learning and achievement

Learning can be, and should be, “fun” –  when individuals are enjoying learning it has a greater impact. We will offer timely and realistic activities / events to celebrate achievements and provide  positive feedback and so reward successes and enhance morale.

The 3E Curriculum Experience

Our curriculum will be designed to nurture your child’s emerging and developing passions and as well as the core academic curriculum our extended and enrichment curriculum will enable your child to explore their personal interests, whether they are in Reception, Year 7 or Sixth Form.

Entitlement Programme

Our entitlement programme will offer a broad and balanced curriculum, covering national curriculum core subjects, along with a range of other subjects and disciplines. Its purpose will be to provide a challenging programme with depth to develop knowledge, skills and behaviours needed for success in life.

Extended Programme

The extended programme at all key stages provides additional subjects (for example second or third language), higher level and learning in-depth (including for more able pupils), extra “catch up” time for intervention and targeted learning where required. The extended programme will be delivered by the teaching staff whose contracts and remuneration will provide the flexibility for a longer teaching contact time.

Enrichment Programme

Its purpose will be to provide pupils with access to voluntary opportunities to develop their interests and skills, so they “love learning and life” and contribute positively to their communities. Whilst voluntary for pupils, we will strongly encourage involvement. This programme will be staffed by community members, older students and business volunteers.