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Welcome to Northampton International Academy (NIA). We are a brand new school, based in the centre of Northampton, providing high quality educational provision for young people from across the local area.

Tim resized 2We opened in September 2016 to Reception and Year 7 students, and are now building on our solid foundations in preparation for our move into our permanent accommodation in September 2018. We are strongly committed to serving our local community, our all through school celebrates the uniqueness and diversity of individuals so that all can flourish and thrive. NIA is a local school with a global vision, we work with our pupils to raise aspiration by harnessing their passion, promoting engagement, and striving for excellence in everything that we do.

The primary phase pupils are continuing the extremely successful partnership with Castle Academy under the leadership of Lorna Beard (Principal of NIA Primary). This has been a very positive arrangement for NIA and saw excellent results for the reception students over the last academic year. The all-through nature of NIA is strengthened through the work with Castle and their support during the construction of the permanent NIA building is greatly appreciated. Places are currently available in Reception and Year 1. We are at capacity within our secondary phase but are accepting applications for students to join us in September 2018 as our capacity will grow considerably and we will be able to accept students into years 8 and 9 (from September 2018).

Our outward facing approach prepares our community for success in the modern world and transforms life choices. Through a broad and modern curriculum we are working to ensure that every pupil can be the best that they can be.

Thank you for visiting and taking the time to find out more about us.

Tim Marston


  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    @mvnorwood Thanks for the tip!
  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    @WillyGilder Nothing too surprising I hope. We are growing quickly. We are fully staffed for this September but like to get our recruitment done early so that we can focus on the day to day experiences for the pupils. Come and visit us in September...
  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    @epraiseUK Top students so far this academic year... 1. Sania (7CA) (3313) 2. Amani (7DO) (3093) 3. Mia (7HI) (2963) 4. Ansel (7DO) (2933) 5. Sabeel (7AL) (2850) Although Isobel in year 8 is only 11 points behind Sabeel with 3 days left, including sports day! @nia_sports @AmaniCricket
  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    Some of our new staff for September 2018 were at the school on Thursday for the start of their induction. Really exciting to meet up and talk about teaching and learning before the summer break...
  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    Ready for Sept 2019 we will be recruiting.... 2 Primary teachers (EYFS-Year 3) 4 English teachers 4 Maths teachers 4 Science teachers 2 Spanish teachers 1 German teacher 1 History teacher 1 Geography teacher 1 Computing teacher 1 DT teacher 1 Art teacher 1 PE teacher...
  • July 15th @nia_northampton
    In Sept 2019 we will have reception, years 1,2 & 3 as well as years 7,8,9,10 and will be opening our 6th form to year 12 pupils. Recruitment will begin on Sept 25th and Oct 3rd at our Open Evenings. Look out for more details...
  • July 11th @NIA Performing Arts
    Proud teacher today! Summer in the quad was a roaring success! Music and dance filled the playground- well done to all involved 🎭🎼🥁🎤
  • July 11th @nia_northampton
  • July 11th @nia_northampton
    Great view from the office at lunchtime. Our performers are busy entertaining the masses!
  • July 10th @nia_northampton
    @LaurenCapstick3 @nia_sports @NIAPerfArts @NIA_Science @NIA_Humanities @NIA_MFL @NIA_Maths @NIA_Literacy Lovely to hear thank you. The pupils were great yesterday and we are really looking forward to September with them.
  • July 9th @nia_northampton
    @fragranttreats @nia_sports @NIAPerfArts @NIA_Science @NIA_Humanities @NIA_MFL @NIA_Maths @NIA_Literacy Yes absolutely!
  • July 9th @nia_northampton
    @fragranttreats @nia_sports @NIAPerfArts @NIA_Science @NIA_Humanities @NIA_MFL @NIA_Maths @NIA_Literacy The classrooms for the reception, year 1 and year 2s are ready. The primary phase staff are going around the new building on Friday morning and will take lots of photos. Parents will be able to look around on the inset days in September before pupils have their first day.
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